05-06-10 Short reoport of the conference on ADAS
Organised by IFN in the frame of its course of conferences on Modern Applications of Navigation, jointly with ATEC-ITS France, this conference allowed Messrs. Jean-Marc BLOSSEVILLE, Directeur délégué of INRETS and Christian ROUSSEAU, Directeur délégué for transport policy, RENAULT SAS to provide an update on advanced driver assistance techniques : state of the art, prospective, stakes.

The list of ADAS functionalities was presented, related to the technologies involved, and also an illustration of the functions currently available. A classification of functions was introduced autonomous, distributed, interactive as well as their evolution prospects.

The conference reviewed recent or on-going R&D projects in Europe, the USA and Japan.
The related navigation requirements were discussed. It appears that the efforts expected on the short and medium terms should focus more on the content of geographical databases than on positioning accuracy.

Slides presented by C.ROUSSEAU : click here.
Slides presented by J.-M.BLOSSEVILLE: click here.